VERWAY is a global marketing network, helping people around the globe how to achieve professional success and accomplish personal goals.

Direct sales


VERWAY connects regular people who want to work where they want, with whom they want and when they want, offering high-quality products and services.

By cutting out the middle-man advertising and marketing corporations, we’re able to create new income opportunities to Ambassadors in our marketing network.


We ensure that the product has a short retail chain and gets directly to you, to keep the unbeatable price-performance ratio. Instead of investing into commercials or marketing campaigns we invest in our Ambassadors and pay the commission instead.

We chose “word-of-mouth” as our marketing channel, we chose You.


E-commerce ($1.86 Billion), Network Marketing ($ 182 Million) and Teleshopping ($ 1.9 Million) are the most thriving and successful business channels to use today.

With VERWAY’s multi-channel marketing, you can address different target groups at the same time and without great effort!


Sharing information with your potential customers and making sales is easier now than it ever has been.

87% of the population is online, connected to the World Wide Web. Out of every 10 internet users 9 shop online. People use social media and online videos to read testimonials or watch reviews about products.

The innovative multi-channel approach

At VERWAY, the multi-channel approach works together in an innovative way.

No matter which channels the customer wants to buy today, whether offline or online, VERWAY adapts to the new market dynamics like no other company. The parallel presence on different platforms maximizes the opportunities to reach more potential customers many times over. It’s about giving the consumer maximum flexibility and ultimate comfort in terms of location and time of purchase.

VERWAY synergistically connects the most current and strongest distribution channels, reaching every target group: from the young generation, the retired couple and the single mother to the entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business.

Committed to the principle of sustainability and equal opportunity, the VERWAY team stands for competence and brings ideas to life, so that our customers and business partners receive only the very best.


–> Quality products

–> Unique opportunity

–> Daily payout

–> Flexible hours

–> Great compensation

–> Worldwide community

  •  Quality products
  • Unique opportunity
  • Daily payout
  • Flexible hours
  • Great compensation
  • Worldwide community

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