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There are a variety of areas which allow us to directly influence our health. Alongside relaxation and exercise, our nutrition is without doubt of great importance among the aspects of health which we can have an influence on ourselves.

We know that we have to nurture our body well from the inside to keep it as healthy as possible. However, studies show that we do not take in certain nutrients from food in sufficient amounts. Deficiencies are usually visible first of all on the skin, hair and nails. VERWAY has integrated vitamins and minerals, which are effective as dietary supplements in order to always look after your body as best as possible, into its best products for all areas of life

VERWAY Nutrition

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VERWAY repower!

Enrich your body

More effective and shorter regeneration time for muscles and nerves

Whether you’re an amateur sportsperson or top athlete: regeneration is the restoration of the balance of our body functions and almost as important as the sport itself. During each training session, we stimulate the structures and processes in our organism and thus trigger very small injuries – micro-traumas.

Our nervous system and metabolism are also affected, as well as muscles, tendons and ligaments. In the long term, these stimuli can increase the performance of our organism. However only if we give the body time to recover. As such, intensive training can require 3 or more days of rest. This rest time can now be drastically reduced thanks to VERWAY repower!

VERWAY repower! is registered in the “Kölner Liste” free from steroids or doping-relevant substances and allows you, the athlete, to train safely and fairly.

VERWAY repower!
VERWAY energize!

VERWAY energize!

Enrich your body

For peak performances in sport and days full of energy without compromises

Whether it’s jogging, cycling, swimming, climbing, CrossFit or walking, every sport places demands on your body and your stamina. You set yourself sporting goals and train for the next stage. The world of work is challenging and often physically or mentally demanding. Your body needs new energy to reach its next goal, to improve endurance and to grow beyond your personal limits.

VERWAY energize! gives your body the extra kick to achieve more and to reach new levels of performance. VERWAY energize! is registered in the “Kölner Liste” free from steroids or doping relevant substances and allows you, the athlete, to train safely and fairly. Set your day to full power and fill your tank with renewed energy.

Go through the day on full power!

VERWAY energize!

VERWAY focus!

Enrich your goals

Achieve your goals, realise your dreams and master tricky tasks

Higher, faster, further – we’re often under pressure in a demanding performance-oriented society. At all times – whether with family, at work or even in our free time – we often demand a lot of ourselves. As a result, we sometimes feel exhausted and drained. An energy boost for both mind and body can therefore be very useful to improve performance and increase concentration.

VERWAY focus! supports your mental performance and counteracts premature exhaustion (pantothenic acid).

Concentrate, achieve your goals and become successful! With VERWAY focus!

VERWAY focus!
VERWAY sleep!

VERWAY sleep!

Enrich your dreams

The night determines your day

Difficulty falling asleep, waking in the night, snoring, walking up and down with twitching legs, dozing off several times a day – sleep problems have many faces and numerous causes. Most of all, however, they affect our lives because we struggle to concentrate during the day, our performance can suffer, and in the worst case make us ill.

Don’t let it get that far; act against it in time. Sufficient length and quality of sleep not only contributes to mental and physical fitness, it also helps to stay healthy, young and beautiful and can help with weight loss. Further plus points of good sleep are a strengthened immune system, mental balance and improved organ and metabolic functions.

VERWAY sleep! contains the natural substances that make it easier for you to fall asleep and enjoy calm and restful sleep.

VERWAY sleep!


Your daily kickstart into vitality

Our health is our most valuable asset.

That’s why it’s so important to give our body everything it needs to stay fit and healthy every day. Unfortunately it has become normal for our bodies to be under more and more pressure due to food deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep or environmental influences. As a result, the body’s nutrient requirement increases, which we cannot usually meet with an irregular and unbalanced diet. It is particularly difficult to ensure a balanced diet during periods of professional stress or challenging life stages. To be able to supply your body with optimal daily nutrients, All-in-One offers you everything in one package.

VERWAY All-In-One Instant drink is the simple and effective solution, supporting your vitality and micronutrient balance. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, algae, fibre, omega fatty acids and colostrum, VERWAY All-in-One contains a unique combination of high quality ingredients to complement your daily diet and that of your family.

Aloe Vera drinking gel

Your daily dose of power

VERWAY Aloe Vera Drinking Gel is the power drink to start your day.

A natural and wholesome drink leaving nothing to be desired, this wonderfully fresh tasting power drink with aloe vera, acai, agave and honey contains a wide variety of natural nutrients. Leaf gel from organically certified aloe vera is manually filleted and stabilised without the use of pressure or chemical additives.

This wholesome drink is freshly pressed, refined with organic honey, organic acai and organic agave syrup, bottled cold and is free from preservatives. This process protects and preserves the delicate ingredients.

The unique composition of numerous valuable ingredients of the aloe vera ensure its special and valued qualities.

Aloe Vera drinkig gel

with Cannabis

The power of two power plants in one drink.

All of the amazing properties of Aloe vera combined with the wonderful contents of hemp seed create this unique power drinks – the Aloe Vera Cannabis Drink.

Cannabis plant seeds are an excellent contribution to a balanced, healthy diet. Not only are they rich in carbohydrates and fibre, as you would expect from seeds or nuts; these seeds also contain numerous other ingredients that are necessary for a healthy diet.

In nature, cannabinoids are not only found in cannabis plants but also inside our bodies, known as endocannabinoids. They act as neurotransmitters for nerve cells and are dispersed in areas such as the brain. All in all, hemp is an extremely potent plant which, despite its prominence for centuries as a useful plant, is still underestimated for its health benefits and does not receive the attention it deserves as a medicinal plant.

VERWAY Aloe Vera Cannabis

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