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From certified organic plantations

VERWAY Aloe Vera quality products meet the highest standards of excellence and perfection, based on innovation, natural ingredients and modern technology.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of the raw materials in our products at all times, VERWAY obtains Aloe Vera from organically certified farms in Spain. The ideal microclimate of Andalusia, combined with healthy, nutrient-rich soil, create a particularly high concentration of active ingredients in our raw materials. VERWAY only harvests naturally matured Aloe Vera (3-4 years old), because only adult plant leaves contain 100% of their valuable properties. With up to 10,000 hours of stored sunshine, vitality and moisture, the Aloe Vera plant leaves contain an unbeatable and powerful active ingredient complex for your entire body and general well-being.

VERWAY Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera Drinks

Aloe Vera drinking gel

Your daily dose of power

VERWAY Aloe Vera Drinking Gel is the power drink to start your day.

A natural and wholesome drink leaving nothing to be desired, this wonderfully fresh tasting power drink with aloe vera, acai, agave and honey contains a wide variety of natural nutrients. Leaf gel from organically certified aloe vera is manually filleted and stabilised without the use of pressure or chemical additives.

This wholesome drink is freshly pressed, refined with organic honey, organic acai and organic agave syrup, bottled cold and is free from preservatives. This process protects and preserves the delicate ingredients.

The unique composition of numerous valuable ingredients of the aloe vera ensure its special and valued qualities.

Aloe Vera drinkig gel

with Cannabis

The power of two power plants in one drink.

All of the amazing properties of Aloe vera combined with the wonderful contents of hemp seed create this unique power drinks – the Aloe Vera Cannabis Drink.

Cannabis plant seeds are an excellent contribution to a balanced, healthy diet. Not only are they rich in carbohydrates and fibre, as you would expect from seeds or nuts; these seeds also contain numerous other ingredients that are necessary for a healthy diet.

In nature, cannabinoids are not only found in cannabis plants but also inside our bodies, known as endocannabinoids. They act as neurotransmitters for nerve cells and are dispersed in areas such as the brain. All in all, hemp is an extremely potent plant which, despite its prominence for centuries as a useful plant, is still underestimated for its health benefits and does not receive the attention it deserves as a medicinal plant.

VERWAY Aloe Vera Cannabis

Aloe Vera Edibles

Premium aloe vera dices

Delicious, soothing and refreshing diced Aloe Vera in juice or syrup as a snack in-between meals

Wellbeing and pleasure with VERWAY Premium Aloe Vera

Premium diced Aloe Vera in sweet syrup or as a wholesome gourmet vegetable. Ready to eat as a tasty snack or a delicious addition to a variety of recipes. Be inspired by the freshness and delicacy of VERWAY diced Aloe Vera and create your own favourite recipe.

VERWAY Aloe Vera is harvested exclusively by hand on organically certified plantations, then gently processed to ensure the highest possible quality.

Aloe Vera dices in syrup

A particularly tasty variant of Aloe Vera. Enjoy it for breakfast, dessert, or just in-between meals.

Aloe Vera dices in juice

Pure pleasure, pure quality.
Suitable for salads and hearty dishes.

Premium aloe vera fillet

Whole filleted Aloe Vera leaf for universal use in tasty dishes or in beauty treatments

100% Premium Aloe Vera Fillet is a true all-rounder, promoting general well-being, beauty and vitality.
Delicious, valuable and pure.

This elixir of life and beauty, an object of desire for thousands of years, can either be used as a wholesome gourmet vegetable in dishes or in exclusive and natural fresh cosmetics. The bioactive inner fillet acts as an excellent moisturiser. Discover well-being and enjoyment with our Premium Aloe Vera from certified organic plantations.

Aloe Vera fillet
Aloe Vera cookbook

Beauty treatment with

Aloe Vera fillet

Cooking and consuming

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for the skin

Aloe vera rescue spray

For the whole family

A true all-rounder, consisting of certified organic Aloe Vera, ECTOIN and valuable plant extracts such as pomegranate, sea chamomile, witch hazel, cranberry, etc.
VERWAY Aloe Vera Rescue Spray promotes regeneration of damaged skin (sunburn, brittle, cracked skin etc.) Suitable for daily skincare use even on sensitive skin.

With valuable plant extracts

Aloe Vera – ECTOIN – Sea chamomile – Butcher’s broom – Pomegranate – Peppermint – Mistletoe – Cranberry – Balm – Meadowsweet – Cornflower – Witch hazel